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Get Backlinks: Use Online Directories.

Would you like an easy way to add backlinks for your blog or website? Then manually submit your URL to web directories.

What is a web directory? A directory is basically an online Yellow Pages website. Directories are dedicated to dividing websites into different categories. The idea is simple. You just go into the directory and look under the category that you need and all sorts of websites will pop up.  I do not believe too many directories are too useful for the average internet user, but they are still useful for webmasters because of the backlink you will receive when submitting your link.

How do I submit to a web directory? Just search for “free online directory” and you are on your way.  Also, you can go to this link for best web directories and they have tons of free directories to submit to. Make sure that you add a very nice title and description. Do not make it too keyword strong. Make a real description not just a spammy one that is trying to get the search engines attention.

Is submitting to directories necessary? No, but it is one of the fastest ways to gain backlinks. The more backlinks with good anchor text then the more juice you will have with the search engines.

The Top Web Directory:DMOZ.ORG If you are going to only submit to one directory then this is the one.

Notes: You will get the most bang when you submit to “do-follow” directories. “Do-follow” tells the search engine spiders to crawl your link and gets you in better with the search engines. The more links that the spiders see then the more they think others are talking about your page, and the more relevant you seem to the search engines such as Google.



Get Your Website Indexed.

Starting a blog for the first time is not as easy as it seems. Blogging does not go like the field of dreams. You can build it, but no one comes. For the first couple months you feel alone. Why don’t people comment? Where is my traffic? Is this a bad idea and a waste of my time?

This is the point where a lot of people give up. There are a lot of bloggers who believed that it was fast money and easy money. It is far from that for most, because their blogs are not optimized. A lot of bloggers type for hours a week and Google does not even know that they are there. So how do you make sure that Google knows you are there?

Start off with unique content and blog at least every other day without any “filler”. By “filler” I mean do not just ramble on do make it look like you typed up 1000 words, but instead make every word count.

Be sure to optimize your keywords so that the search engines see these and understand what searches to bring your blog up with. You can do this through tags, metatags, and making keywords bold.

Create a site map for your page. Site map file is a formatted file with an XML extension. It contains the URLs for all of your pages in your website. You can use free online or offline tools available to generate your site map file. After you are finished creating the file be sure to upload the .xml to your root folder.

Go to Google Webmaster Tools and be sure to add your blog or website by clicking “add a site” and following the directions given to you.

Next wait about 3 or 4 days and type your web address into the search box, but add “site:” before the url. For example site:http://www.google.com. If your website shows up then you know for a fact that your site is indexed.



Get Visitors By Using Social Bookmarking Sites.

Social bookmarking websites have become very helpful utensils for webmasters and bloggers alike.

What are social bookmarking websites?

Social bookmarking is a method for Internet users to organize, store, manage and search for bookmarks of resources online. These are often shared with other users and in a sense are the heartbeat of internet today. If there is a good, humorous, or grotesque story that is worth sharing then it will go viral and potentially be all over the internet because of social bookmarking websites.

So be sure that you are taking advantage and gaining maximum potential from your website. Where can you do this? Well below are my favorite social bookmarking sites.

Social Bookmarking Websites:

Socialbookmarking website Digg

Social bookmarking websites Delicious

social bookmarking site Reddit

Bookmark with stumbleupon StumbleUpon

Yahoo Buzz Social Bookmark Site YahooBuzz


How to maximize the potential of social bookmarks?

You want to use social bookmarks to get your “product” out there. With social bookmarking you will get your target audience with every hit from the bookmarking website. What do I mean? I mean that they would not have went to your blog unless they wanted to know more of what they read in the article that was submitted to the social bookmark site. Basically they click on your link because they want to hear more of what you have to say. Now that is a good feeling. You can maximize your efforts by doing a few simple thing.

  • Be memorable. When you register make a cool handle. Make a nice, short memorable username.
  • Be unique. Give yourself a unique and memorable avatar, so that everytime you post something people KNOW it is you.
  • Be trendy. Keep up on any and all trends. Learn what is popular and submit those articles.
  • Be supportive. Be sure to communicate with other users if possible. Leave positive comments for others to read.
  • Be smart. DO NOT SPAM. You can Digg your own links, but not ONLY your links.


How do you use Social Bookmarking websites? Do you have any suggestions that would be helpful to other readers?




Add An Ad To Your WordPress Hosted Blog.

One of the best ways to make money online is to sell ad space to fellow bloggers.

First thing I would do is make sure that you are aware of your traffic coming in. Traffic and visitor knowledge is crucial to justify charging other webmasters money for ad space.

The amount that you can charge is not a general number. For example, there is not “x” amount of dollars for every 100 unique visitors / day. Be sure to charge what your website is worth. Do not sell yourself short, but make sure that you do sell.  Just be happy that you sold space at all especially toward the beginning. People are shy to pull the trigger on a new website, because there is always a chance that the buyer will purchase the ad space and then close the blog or lose their hosting.

Advertise on webmaster blogs that you are looking to sell ad space. Generally 125×125 is the norm for WordPress blogs. 125 is the amount of pixels, so it means 125 pixels wide and 125 pixels tall.

Once you sell the space they will send you money (probably PayPal) and their 125×125 advertisement. Now you are ready to go.

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Log into your WordPress blog
  • Go to your dashboard
  • Open up “Appearance” on the left-side of your dashboard
  • Click on “Widgets”
  • Scroll to bottom of Widget screen and drag “Text” widget to your sidebar where you want ads placed
  • Next open up the “Text” widget by clicking on the arrow pointing down
  • In “Title” write whatever you want to be read by visitors. Title examples are  sponsors, ads, etc.
  • Next we are going to get into a small amount of HTML, so put your thinking cap on 🙂
  • Copy Below:

<ul    id=”banner125″><li><a href=”https://onlinemoneyimake.wordpress.com/”><img src=”http://www.imagehostinwebsite.com/images/banner125.gif&#8221; alt=”banner ad” /a></li></ul>

  • Paste that into your blank “Text” widget. Underneath “Ads” or whatever your Title is
  • Then in another tab or window go to a free image hosting website. I like ImageShack because it is easy to use
  • Upload image and copy the Direct Link
  • Now go back to your WordPress Dashboard and make sure your Text widget is open, because we are going to edit out some of that HTML that you copy and pasted earlier.
  • Change the “https://onlinemoneyimake.wordpress.com/”     to the website that rented the ad space
  • In the above code, you’ll need to change “http://www.imagehostinwebsite.com/images/banner125.gif&#8221; to the  Direct Link that you were given when you uploaded your image.
  • Next change the alt=”banner ad” into something more Search Engine friendly

Here is my final product that you can view to the right-sidebar:

<ul id=”banner125″>
<li><a href=”http://www.buya360.com”><img src=”http://img339.imageshack.us/img339/2738/xbox1.gif&#8221; alt=”xbox 360 deals” /></a></li>


This is the fastest and easiest way that I know how to add ads with WordPress’ free hosted pages. On the other hand if you are hosting a WordPress blog on a server then there are TONS of plug-ins to to add and replace ads. Best of luck to you. I hope that this helps.

Please comment or pass on to others. Thanks again.

Make Money Using eBay.

This is an obvious way to make some money online just go to eBay and sell some of your stuff. If you do not have an account it is easy to do. Here is a very easy to follow article on how to start an eBay account.

So what are the requirements?A valid credit card, debit card, or bank account.

Ebay is like a garage sale online, but they do have high fees. The fees may be high in some instances ,but it is better than just sitting on your stuff and waiting for them to sell themselves.

Do not ONLY think about selling JUST your stuff. There are many other ways for you to utilize eBay.

Where can you find items to sell?

  • Products from your friends
  • Put your ideas into e-books and sell them
  • Visit wholesalers and buy in bulk to resell
  • Bargain stores and pawnshops
  • Manufacturers
  • Sell on consignment – you haven’t paid for the item yet and only buy it once you have sold it.

Take a nice picture of your item and be sure to write a detailed description of the item up for auction. Try to make it look as professional as possible, so that the items can sell for a higher price.

With every eBay transaction there is feedback left. Feedback is either positive or negative. Negative reflects poorly on you and eBay members are more likely to skip on bidding on your item. Think about your first few months as a probation period, so be on your best behavior. Build up positive feedback and you can go a long way with eBay.

I prefer to use PayPal as the form of getting paid. Also, PayPal has one-click to pay for your eBay fees. PayPal has fees of their own too, so take into account that you will lose a little more money there too.

There are many other ways for you to make money using eBay. Remember to think inside the box, because everyone is always thinking outside of the box. Do something others are not and find your niche. Good luck to you!

Get Money For Your Articles.

This to me is the one sureshot way to get money into your PayPal account. You do not start off making much. I figure at first it will take you a while to pump out an article. You may be able to do three 500 word articles in an hour. If you sell each of those articles for $2 each then you are making $6/ hour. Not much, but they send it though PayPal gift and there will not be any fees. That is $6 / hour tax free, so almost minimum wage from home. Plus, the early days you are just building a name for yourself. There is actually a lot of money to be made here and I will show you how.

Now once you have your article you can do a few different things such as submit to Yahoo Contributer or you can go to webmaster forums where people are willing to buy your articles for cheap and then they have fresh content for their blog or webpage. My favorite and most active webmaster forum is Digital Point, but they are very quick to ban people there so play by the rules. Here is their content page. Check it out and see if this is something you would be capable of.

You have come to the fork in the road. Go left and sell to a big website or go right and sell to a person who needs your article. Lets give a more detailed description of your two paths below:

  • Sell to a Associated Content from Yahoo and you will get paid upfront for your article or you will get paid for views. It is very nice to have monthly deposits into my PayPal account for articles that I wrote years ago still getting views.
  • Sell articles to webmasters on forums. Why would they buy them? Sometimes people do not have a lot of time to keep their webpage updated, so they outsource their work. The money is upfront, but in the long run you may be selling yourself way short. Eventually you will build a name and get faster with your article production. As long as you kick out quality, unique, and original articles the sky will be the limit for you.

Think inside the box and take it to another level. There are plenty of ways to make money off of article producing. Make a name for yourself and buy articles cheap and proof read them and sell them at your price. My favorite way to do this is to outsource and buy articles cheap and then sell them to Associated Content. You pay up front, but the income always will be there and you will profit in no time.

Remember that people from other countries can afford to charge way less, but people also get what they pay for. Proper use of the English language is gold in this game. Do not sell yourself short, but do not try to charge an arm and leg. Some money is better than no money. Go and do the damn thing.

Use Craigslist To Gain Traffic.

Below is a very detailed video on how to get traffic through Craigslist. It is a little long, but check it out because it is very informative.

I do not want people to think I made this. It was made by YouTube user “portalfeeder”, so thank you to him or her.